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Rebuild Services

Don’t throw away that old Hoist! Let Crane Parts, Inc. REBUILD and/or MODERNIZE it for you.

Do you have an older Hoist that is costing you more and more in maintenance costs? Extend the life of your hoist and let us rebuild it for you. Many of the newer hoists on the market today just don’t compare in quality to the old workhorses like P&H, Shepard Niles, and Demag, to name a few. We have parts in stock for many of those old hoists that are now obsolete.

We will restore your hoist to like new condition:

  • Replace All Bearings and Seals
  • Disassemble Brakes, both Mechanical and Disc
  • Replace all Friction Material
  • Replace Wire Rope
  • Thoroughly Inspect all Gearing and Wheels
  • Drain and Replace all Gear Box Fluids
  • Run and Load Test
  • Clean and Paint
  • Provide a 60 Day Warranty

We also rebuild:

Hoists Blocks Brakes Contactors Gear Boxes Master Switches

We Want To Buy Your Used Cranes and Hoists

Give Us A Call Today And We Will Make You An Offer!